Meet Ingrid, From Seed to Bloom's Practitioner

Based out of Zionsville, Indiana, From Seed to Bloom was born out of a love for helping others and to share in the life-changing, therapeutic benefits of Reflexology and Reiki. Whether you found From Seed to Bloom out of a quest to relieve stress and all that comes with it, or to simply grow into the person you were destined to become, I must say, "Welcome!" You've come to the right place.

My name is Ingrid, a nationally certified professional Reflexologist and Reiki master. Like all journeys worth traveling, I came to Zionsville, Indiana, after growing up in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, a country many people dream of visiting. I am extremely grateful to have grown up in a place with magnificent scenery, as well as a very strong work ethic.

Since my childhood, I've longed to help others follow their heart's true desire. I personally became involved in Reflexology and Reiki after experiencing the positive effects first-hand. I wanted to share this discovery with others so they too could understand what it means to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

In many Western societies (Switzerland not excluded), we base our precepts of life fulfillment with the anticipation of outside events or things occurring, but we fail to realize that real growth and change start from within.

As a child, I always felt different; I was extremely sensitive and strongly connected to my emotions, as well as to other people’s feelings. Sometimes, people would say I was “complicated." It was just who I was. My parents did the best job they could to raise a child who was often challenging. They grew up in a totally different environment and as much as they loved me, they struggled to understand my concerns. Because I was only a child, I thought it was necessary for me to adjust to their expectations and value systems, even though they sometimes didn’t make sense to me and left me hurt and confused.

I quickly learned that life wasn’t going to be easy or straightforward. As a young woman, I was very unsure of my identity. I was trying to look at myself through other people’s eyes. And for a very long time, I tried to be who people told me to be. I followed their advice and tried all the things they suggested for my improvement, although somewhere very deep inside, I knew it wasn’t right for me and it wasn’t what I wanted. I kept thinking that maybe if I just try this one more thing, maybe it would get easier. I changed jobs, I changed relationships, I even moved to a different country, and I still felt the same.

Because I couldn’t identify with most of the people around me, I started to doubt myself. I so badly wanted to fit in and align with my environment that I tried to hide the true me. This led me to have severe anxiety attacks, where I was conflicted between who Ingrid really was and who people thought Ingrid should be. The longer I stayed in these environments, the more painful it became, and the more anxiety attacks I experienced. Until one day, I finally realized that it was up to me to take action and make some changes.

Back to that early point of internal growth and change, I had to ask myself some very hard questions and at the end, the answer came back loud and clear: “YOU NEED TO BE TRUE TO YOURSELF." That was a turning point and I decided to make a huge transformation that led me to where I am today. One step at a time, I started reconnecting to who I really was. On my path to self-discovery and fulfillment, I began to view my life experiences as growth opportunities rather than hindrances. During this journey, I met many people who were much more like me, with similar values and beliefs.

And today, I would love to help you go on that journey to being true to who you really are and maybe start over in some areas of your life that are not fulfilling. I want to do this with you and for you, because I know how it feels to be different, to try and fit in, and be stuck on the inside and unfulfilled. I have experienced these things and do not think that anyone deserves to feel this way in their life. This is my heart’s true desire: to help you come out of your shell and be only you and completely you!

I look forward to hearing from you!