Realign Your Senses with Reflexology and Reiki in Zionsville

We all tend to think of life as a smooth bell-curve progression; there's birth, we hit our peak, and then we gradually wind down. We can identify moments before a breakthrough is on the horizon because we will feel trapped, uncomfortable, “down,” and possibly in pain. These are our "seed moments" — the periods preceding our moments of blooming. But, to get there, sometimes we need the attentive care that a prized seed (such as yourself) deserves.

Are you ready to find your life renewed by alleviating stress and all that comes with it, while simultaneously enhancing your present happiness and hopefulness for the future? From Seed to Bloom helps you to break free from the proverbial shell and experience the transforming power of Reiki and Reflexology therapies.

In practicing Reflexology and Reiki in Zionsville, From Seed to Bloom will help you establish strong roots to support your aspirations and help you unfurl the blooms of a life with an enhanced positive outlook and reduced stress. Whether your ideal growth involves blooming into a healthier, happier you, landing that job you've always wanted, or simply living life with reduced stress, it all starts with the seed of hope.

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Let's plant the seeds of your future health and happiness — schedule your first appointment with Ingrid of From Seed to Bloom. Ingrid is a Swiss-and-American-trained Reflexology and Reiki practitioner with a degree in biochemistry, a member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and nationally certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board.

"I didn't know much about Reflexology and Reiki until I talked with Ingrid, but after experiencing the benefits of a few sessions with her I am a firm believer. I have a condition that causes chronic pain, but even through the pain I feel 'whole' after a Reflexology/Reiki session - more relaxed, and balanced. I don't understand exactly HOW it works, but it does!" - Pat.