Reviews for Your Zionsville Reflexologist

"My journey began with Ingrid when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through regular Reflexology sessions, I found ease from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Ingrid supported my whole body healing plan, as well as provided relaxation and comfort. I believe Reflexology improved my quality of life and worked in conjunction to make my treatment most effective. Ingrid is a true gem, right in the heart of Zionsville. Much gratitude!" - Kate
"I totally believe in the benefits of Reflexology. I have received the benefit of relaxation, balance, and specific area relief via reflexology. Ingrid is superb in her practice of Reflexology & I have years of experience with numerous practitioners." - Betty.
"I came with feet and ankles swollen from a long, sedentary, trip, with difficulty getting my shoes on; I left with my shoes feeling loose, and my circulation improved.  It has confirmed my positive impression of the benefits of the use of Reflexology. I had not experienced Reiki before and therefore did not know what to expect.  Your explanation of what it was, how it was done, and possible beneficial outcomes, helped make me comfortable with trying it.  I was surprised at the warmth emanating from your hands as they hovered above my body.  Should the opportunity present itself to experience Reiki massage again, I would certainly do so. Thanks to your talents, skill, and patience (explaining), my session with you was beneficial and well worth repeating!" - Patricia.
"Ingrid’s technique is gentle and supporting, creating a safe place to rest and revive my inner balance of life. My experience with energy modalities over 25 years has assisted me during times of distress, both physical and emotional. Ingrid possesses the qualities I appreciate. Kind and compassionate, unhurried and able to adapt to what I may need rather than her formula. She provides the best environment and comfort for her client, and seeks to assist them to find their desired goal. I have experienced her Reiki and Reflexology Sessions. They are relaxing and delightful. During Reiki, I have visualized beautiful colors of royal purple and emerald green while my eyes are closed. I feel quite safe and enveloped in a protective bubble. She is a treasure and I hope you will experience an equally pleasant session." - Susan.
"I had a wonderful Reflexology session with Ingrid today. Her pressure was firm but gentle, and so relaxing. I could feel the Reflexology through my whole body, the tension just melted away. I haven't been that relaxed in a long time. I can't wait to go back for another session with her. I felt so happy and full of joy after our session! Ingrid is wonderful!" -Kortney
"Wow, I feel so much better after just 1 appointment! I was referred to Ingrid & they were right, she does A-MA-ZING work. If you have any stress or pain, you should really schedule an appointment w/ Ingrid, the Reflexologist. Feeling on top of the world like I had a full body massage, but she only worked my feet. So AWESOME! Such a kind person & fair priced, too. Thank you! I'll be back for another session soon. " -Kyla

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